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Digital Equipment Communication (DEC) was incorporated to serve the emerging demand of managed cyber security and disaster recovery solutions. Our mission is to deliver well designed and polished technologies in order to provide companies with outsourced security services and threat prevention plans.

Virtual Appliance eXtension

Have you ever desired to prevent cyber threats without build a full-fledged control room?
Virtual Appliance eXtension (VAX) is the only advanced threat detection and network visibility system made to stay ahead of emergent cyber assaults and virtual ambushments.
It automatically and accurately identifies hidden malicious activities in real time on live traffic.

When bad communication is detected, VAX stops it and shows a full case of evidence and a remediation proposal.
This is VAX.

Code Review & Vulnerability Scan

Nowadays, bringing security to custom software solution is a top priority challenge. Despite the code used, untapped security holes could put your exposed service at the stake. You can rely on straightforward and professional approach 

Managed cyber security services

The only certainty is uncertainty. DEC provides fully managed cyber security services as to foster highest network security compliance to mid and large size companies. DEC extends security operations to bridge people, processes and technology in order to enable 24×7 support. Enabling proprietary threat intelligence allows to detect unknown exploits among devices, servers, web applications and databases, either they are on-premise or deployed in the Cloud. 


Buildings and facilities protection

The convergence of IT and OT systems means the logical and physical connection between “classical” IT systems and computer controllers that operate physical assets. This bridge between IT infrastructure and OT, such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and ICS, continued to present a risk to organizations that relied on such hybrid infrastructures.


Cyber Threat management

Mostly, Security Teams do not have full visibility of underlying threat landscape with relevant business context. Moreover, companies are having a difficult time hiring qualified talent due to a skill shortage in the global cyber security talent market. DEC runs Detection & Investigation plans as-a-service on behalf of SMBs and enterprises. 


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Advanced Planning

It will happen sooner or later. DEC helps organizations to minimize the impact of possible business disruption and consequent recover actions within hours. Implementing end-to-end backup solutions can be cost-effective only if that is seamlessy integrated with a fail-proof plan of action. Stop thinking how hard and expensive could be recovering your business services once it is too late. Start planning your business continuity effectively with DEC.


DDoS attack simulation

Our DDoS simulation is a unique methodology designed to progressively validate your organization DDoS defenses and allow you to:

  • Detect configuration issues in DDoS network defenses
  • Proactively train to respond to DDoS attacks
  • Validate vendor SLA’s against DDoS defense deployment
  • Reduce risk a DDoS attacks could be disruptive for you.

Automotive Security

Safety of the people in and around the car could be at the stake. As modern vehicles are always connected they are always vulnerable to attacks during the manufacturing, maintenance and while in use by the end customer. DEC aims to help you react effectively, with predefined solution to protect the cyber capabilities of vehicles.

Ransomware negotiation

Once hackers are inside a company’s systems, they tend to rummage through financial information, business or personal emails or cyber insurance policies to finally come up with some money request. Rehearsals and practice are key factors to negotiation success. No lie no bluff, we just train your staff to be ready to sustain a win-win strategy plan and be ready to takeover at the right time by achieving the desired goal to get your data back at the earliest convenience.


Legal assistance

In partnership with Foedus Law Firm  DEC has created the so-called “Smart Threat Index”. which is a synthetic assessment index based on a proprietary algorithm, which can measure the degree and “temperature” of a company’s cybersecurity through a composite assessment of legal compliance and cybersecurity levels.

DEC, in cooperation with Foedus Law Firm, can provide their clients with all the legal assistance for the identification of the authors of the cyber attacks and data breaches and in order to obtain compensation of all damages suffered, as well as for the restoration of the reputation of the affected company.

Data Center Vaults

DEC supports your organization to run a business impact analysis to deploy overall cybersecurity oriented data centers for edge computing, colocation housing and distributed cloud services. By providing you with an effective plan of action it will be possible to quickly expand and protect your existing facilities or build a disaster recovery site up effectively even with custom prefabricated assets powered by renewable energy.

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